3PV R203GF 2.4GHZ Futaba 1000013
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3PV R203GF 2.4GHZ


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RC : supplies
Frequency 2.4 ghz
Box size : 25 x 18 x 12cm

3PV R203GF 2.4GHZ
New 3-way radio using telemetry (only R304SB) lighter and more intuitive. 
Features: Videos Featured model / reset model (MDL)
model name (MDL NAME)
Low Battery Alarm (LBA)
Viewing tension RX (only with R304SB)
type system (SYS)
Fashion T-bond FHSS / S-FHSS / FHSS
selection DT3 (DT3)
Selection SW1
Trim management (TRM-CH1)
throttle Trim (TRM-CH2)
Trim track 4 (TRM-CH4)
SUB Trim (CH1-CH4)
management Dual rate (D / R) Setting
executive travel stops (EPA-CH1)
Adjusting the throttle travel stops (EPA-CH2)
Setting track travel stops 3 (EPA-CH3)
Setting track travel stops 4 (EPA-CH4)
4WS Mixing / BRK (SMX)
power steering Inversion (REV-CH1)
throttle servo Inversion (REV-CH2)
voie3 Inversion (REV-CH3)
inversion channel 4 ( REV-CH4)
Exponential direction (EXP-CH1)
gas Exponential (EXP-CH2)
fail safe function of gas
Function Copy data model (COPY)
< br> Delivered with R203GF receiver.

Reference : 1000013
Other tags : 01000013 - 113 - 113
25 cm
12 cm
18.50 cm
1.11 kg
25 x 18 x 12cm
RC : supplies
Frequency 2.4 ghz
Data sheet
Type of product
RC : supplies
2.4 GHz

About Futaba

Futaba is a brand that offers the following types of products : Accessories, RC : radio control, RC : tools, Clothing.The best sellers of this manufacturer at 1001Hobbies are : SERVO S3150, SERVO S3305, 3PRKA R203GF 2.4G and 2.4G Antenna 3 PM/3GR/6EX/7C/TM7/TM14 .Discover the whole range !

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