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RC buggy ( ARTR -Already assembled and equipped)
Scale : 1:10
Power source brushless
Remote control not included
Frequency 2.4 ghz
Transmission 4x4

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The Traxxas Slash 4x4 Short Course with lowered chess, and integrated TSM and audio system! Traxxas Stability Management (Traxxas Trajectory Management System) This Slash is overcharged & oacute; equipments for you to deliver ultimate and realistic performance. Indeed it is equipped & oacute; the origin of the Traxxas OBA audio system, the brand new electronic stability management system; (TSM) and a ch? Cape d & rsquo; a center of gravity & oacute; abaiss é ;. The OBA system will make you feel a total experience of v & oacute;Short Course cars with the loud and noisy sound of the 900 horsepower developed by the real engine. While the system TSM combined & oacute; to ch & ssis belittled & oacute; will allow the vehicle to reach a whole new level of speed and precision. The Traxxas stability management system (TSM) allows you to discover all the power, speed and acceleration that has been experienced. Designed for use in Slash VXL while facilitating adherence on slippery surfaces such as dust, smooth concrete, snow and even ice. Exit the trajectory and the TSM will detect the direction of the v & oacute;track and correct course corrections to keep the vehicle in a straight line when it is in full acceleration while keeping you in control. The TSM also works when cornering with intuitive corrections to keep track of you and allow you to pound the accelerator when turning off. Braking is also seen to be considerably improved. keeping the vehicle in a straight line up to the point of its complete arrest. The TSM Traxxas system brings you all the benefits of modern electronic stabilization without any hassle.on your driving pleasure and without introducing any unexpected side effects that may be encountered on other systems (decrease of the turning radius, failure of the braking assistance system, feeling of driving). connect & oacute; etc.). The engineers at Traxxas have been developing. computational algorithms that are tested high speed & agrave; through precision electronic components. Thus the system works in a totally transparent way, in the background, without ever limiting your actions on the throttle stick. The TSM can be refined. (or dyed) depending on the revrun the track by simply adjusting the potentiometer displayed on the TQi transmitter or by closing the cursor in the application. Traxxas Link & raquo ;. The result will be felt immediately: you will drive faster, with more ease & oacute; and with more pleasure. In fact you can m & ecirc; I r & eacute; Aliser how the system & egrave; me TSM helps your piloting the dé sactivant and testing your comp & eacute; driving Competencies without the system & egrave; me! Embedded Audio System & oacute; (OBA) The embedded audio system. use the sound sampled & oacute; Short Course vehicles from the Traxxas team,including Mike Jenkins' Short Course Pro 4. The ON / OFF switch and the volume slider allow you to adjust the sound system so that you can switch from sound to true din. The system consumes a minimum amount of energy. the battery and therefore your autonomy will not be reduced. The sound generated by the system is proportional; your throttle control. Ride in a step or put the gas on; background to hear the engine rpm vary. If the vehicle is stopped for more than 10 seconds, the motor will shut off automatically. Press & agrave; hardly the gases to hear the engine start again!Use the transmitter's 3-way switch to put the vehicle in neutral and make the engine roar. Press the switch to go off! NEW! Trajectory Management System (TSM) NEW! Ch & ssis with center of gravity & oacute; Lowering & eacute; NEW! Embedded Traxxas Audio system & oacute; Extreme brushless power! TQi 3-Way 2.4GHz Radio System with 5-Way Receiver Accelerate the application & laquo; Traxxas Link & raquo; with the wireless module (TRX6511 sold separately) Electronically waterproof for fun in any weather Maximum speed: + 90km / h! Equip & eacute; dor éthe bottom of the head is lowered. This model is Traxxas Slash 4x4 VXL & eacute & oacute; of the system OBA is a worthy leader of the Slash lineage on the basis of the compensated basis of the Slash but by modifying the architecture of its chess. . Indeed this Slash 4x4 is the first & agrave; receive a series of chess with a gravity center; Lowering & eacute ;. This check is not an option, it is delivered to you. of serie with the vehicle. The ch & ssis belittled & oacute; allows the Slash to dispose the battery and its electronic components at the highest level of the ground in order toincrease handling and maneuverability. This will result in agility. and increased speed whether on a track or off-road. Where does the place where it is located? you want to ride, your experience in driving will be increased. The Slash VXL with the OBA system will open the doors of a new R / C pilot experience. The Velineon brushless propulsion system results in an optimized combination of control and a brushes engine. This combo will provide you with the ultimate in efficiency, speed and speed. With the Slash VXL, your choice of battery d & oacute;will finish your speed according to your level of skill. The Velineon system accepts a wide range of battery types, including 3-Pack Lithium Polymer Battery Packs (LiPo 3S Pack). This type of battery is capable of delivering more than 11V and will power the vehicle. more than 90km / h. The control & OCIRC; their VXL-3s has é also a dé low voltage detection to pr & eacute; s your server packs & rsquo; LiPo batteries in excellent é tat. Brushless Power Provided by the Velineon The Velineon 3500 Brushless Motor is designed specifically for the 1/10 scale, as is the case with the Slash VXL, delivering the same power to the Velineon. ;& o Perfect balance between brute power and efficiency. Its sensorless design works with the sophisticated VXL-3s electronic control circuitry to enable smooth start-up and accurate control without the need for sensors and additional cables. ; mentary. Since there is no more coal or switch that can cause friction and wear, the brushless power of the Velineon is always faster, battery after battery. The Velineon VXL-3s electronic speed control has on / off functions. Its charcoal-free technology will make your use easier by giving you all the control you need.the one you will need for maximum pleasure. Quickly choose one of three profiles the same way you would have done on other electronic drives (such as the XL-5 for example). The profiles are: Sport, Race and Entra. Entra mode limits the throttle; 50% of the power, this mode is destiné especially for young or new pilots who wish to develop their driving skills with the power of the Velineon system. The performance of the Slash VXL can be adapted to pilots of any age and any experience. Advanced design of circuits &Electronics and Velineon VXL-3s high-frequency transistors provide linear and refined throttle control. New steering return with integral servo-saver The Slash VXL steering deflection system features an optimized geometry and a servo-backup cam type to protect the gears from damage. accident without compromising the direction of the management. New Extremely Solid Gimbals The brutal power of the Velineon brushless system pushes the transmission elements to their ultimate limits. That's why the VXL Slash is dot & oacute; new, high-performance, universal kneepads;resistant. Combined with the steel transmission, the overall transmission of the Slash is rugged and reliable; each power watt of the Velineon has been transformed. pushing on each wheel. The radio system delivered ready to move the most advanced to the world This vehicle is ready to be driven. the most advanced radio-controlled equipment, the most advanced in the world. The brand new Traxxas TQi transmitter is delivered. with wide possibilities of adjustments and provides all the related advantages. 2.4GHz technology. Terminals quartz and fre & oacute;quences & agrave; s & eacute; lectionner. This technology also allows automatic recognition of the model by directly loading its own settings. Simply turn on the transmitter and your vehicle and drive: you will not need to select the model and use it; the memorial of the emcee. The new é director TQI 2.4GHz is fully configurable: the race for the direction and gas can & ecirc; be r & eacute; gl & eacute; es with pr & eacute; decision and potentiometer & egrave; multifunction be can & ecirc; be programmed & eacute; to adjust the sensitivity eacute management (Expo), the sensitivity é (Expo), Percentage of Steering (Double Breaks / Dual Rate), Percentage of Braking (Double Breaks / Dual Rate), or Trimmed Throttle. The TQi booster has an ergonomic design to provide day-to-day driving comfort and the built-in antenna contributes to the comfort of the car. Harmonize the whole by conferring a modern appearance. Compatible with wireless module & laquo; Traxxas Link & raquo; The most important new feature of the TQi is already in place; in your pocket. Indeed, the transmitter TQi can be equipped with a driver. wireless module & laquo; Traxxas Link & raquo; (Reference: TRX6511, sold separately)by) which allows your Android, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch (sold separately) to turn into a powerful control tool for your Traxxas model. The combined color screen & oacute; & Agrave; the free app & laquo; Traxxas Link & raquo; will provide you with an intuitive, high-definition, color-coded user interface to help you minimize the optimization of your radio system and reach the ultimate control of your vehicle . The system & laquo; Traxxas Link & raquo; you will also open the doors of the TV room thanks tothis to optional probes & agrave; add on your mod. The application & laquo; Traxxas Link & raquo; is available on the Google Play and the App Store. FAST FEATURES OF SLASH 4x4 (TRX68086-24) - Trajectory Management System (TSM) - Integrated Audio System (OBA) - Ch & ssis & gt; center of gravity & oacute; Lowering & eacute; - Steering deflection

Reference : 68086-24
Other tags : TRX68086-24 - TRX6886-24 - 6886-24


Reference: TRX68086-24
Type of productRC buggy
AssemblyAlready assembled and equipped
On sale-5%
Power sourceBrushless
Warranty1 year
Remote controlNot included
Frequency2.4 GHz


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