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By Johannes D. on 13 Nov. 2020 :
Product rated : Fairey Firefly MK.I

Fairey firefly

I ordered this model plane on the understanding it was assembled and painted - it was not and instead of paying $185 plus shipping this type of product should only cost $15 - 20. I have asked for a refund but have not heard anything

By Raymond H. on 13 Feb. 2020 :
Product rated : Messerschmitt Bf 109G-10 wheels (designed to Be Farming with Revell kits)


Components are beautifully executed - will make an excellent addition to my model. Shipping was fast too!! Thank you!

By Csilla S. on 10 Feb. 2020 :
Product rated : Concorde

Great gift idea

Got this for my partner for his bday who is a plane enthusiast, he was impressed with it, though the glue included did not have pointy end which is necessary when building it, still was happy with it.

Initially boticed two plastic parts that would spring open once attached together but can be solved with glue.

Had issues when I ordered it, had to chase them as it was "waiting to be sent" for days. But it was sent after I sent an email so all good

By Peter P. on 03 Feb. 2020 :
Product rated : Aircraft Carrier Figures 1/800

A/c figures

Excellent detail and great value.

By Tim A. on 30 Jan. 2020 :
Product rated : Decals Ilyushin Il-28 RT/U Beagle/Mascot (5)- red 2088, 929th Bomber battalion, North Vietnamese Air Force,in green/aluminium sc

IL-28Beagle decals

the decals look good, are in register and have a good choice of marking options for the IL-28 beagle.

By Russ S. on 26 Jan. 2020 :
Product rated : Simpsons Talking Bottle Opener

R. Snow

The 4 bottle openers worked fine...once I replaced all 12 batteries (i.e., 3 new batteries per opener)! None of the talking openers worked when they arrived last week!!

By Bre R. on 23 Jan. 2020 :
Product rated : Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.H (designed to be assembled with model kits from Revell)

Great product!

I recently ordered this photo etch for use with with a Revel kit and it is exactly as nice as I was hoping it would be!

By Einar S. on 20 Jan. 2020 :
Product rated : Republic F-84E Thunderjet interior (self adhesive) (designed to be used with Hobby Boss kits)

Republic F-84E Thunderjet interior (self adhesive) (designed to be used with Hobby Boss kits)

Very fine details, and details are seemingly rather correct compared to pictures of the real thing. Notice that the main parts in this detailing set is ment to be positioned before cementing the cockpit together.

By Gordon F. on 19 Jan. 2020 :
By Larry B. on 14 Jan. 2020 :
Product rated : Siku 6702


Where can You buy this battery 6702. I have looked every where on the internet and it is the same result, out of stock or discontinued. I have the MAN truck with low loader trailer and this battery arrived dead. 0 VOLTS.
I can not operate the trailer. REALLY PISSED with SIKU. They really have there heads up there ASS.

By Eric S. on 09 Jan. 2020 :
Product rated : Decals Piper Super Cub SAS Flying Club LN-RTC `Baltus Viking′ 1977-1981. Overall white. Both scales on decalBoeing 737-400/-500/

First Rate Decals For An Unusual Marking Scheme

The decals arrived and were applied to both Revell 1/32 and Academy Minicraft 1/48 Piper Super Cub models. They were all in register with good color and were admirably thin if a little fussy to position properly due to their thinness. Certainly care must be taken during application. They responded well to decal setting solutions and snuggled right down to the model's details. Highly recommended.

By Gary B. on 09 Dec. 2019 :
Product rated : Consolidated B-24 Liberator propeller with tool (designed to be assembled with model kits from Asademy and Eduard)

Look carefully and be ready for a long wait

This kit shows four blades per propeller but in fact is only for three. Hub has only three stations. Maker claims they give you four extra blades! We wanted this for 1/72 scale Boeing 377 with four blades and had to end up making the hubs from scratch. So these are only three bladed props. Order wait time was a month, thats right a month. So be ready.

By Stewart B. on 14 Nov. 2019 :
Product rated : Decals North American B-25B Mitchell - Doolittle Raiders (8 camo schemes)

Very good.

I was reluctant to purchase from this site, because in a previous transaction, the shop took two weeks before shipping the item. This time, they were the only vendor that carried the decals I wanted, so I ordered them. I was very surprised and pleased to see how quickly they were shipped this time. Thank you.

By Brian S. on 12 Nov. 2019 :
By Brian S. on 12 Nov. 2019 :
Product rated : f4u seatbelts tamiya


Very nice detail kit for the F4U

By Kurt C. on 08 Oct. 2019 :
Product rated : Decals Luftwaffe Geschwader Insignia - 13 Designs


Good Stuff!!

By ROY L. on 07 Oct. 2019 :

Generally pleased

1. Interesting Bugatti model
2. Great finish and paint

1. flimsy window glass material (acetate, not rigid plastic)
2. Wheels wrong color and finish
3. Moldel arrived broken: Improper protection inside shipping container

By Stefanie C. on 30 Sept. 2019 :
Product rated : Passengers Figures 1920 (Titanic Lusitania etc)

Mr Patrick Duffy

I was looking for characters for my MiniCraft Titanic model to complete the build. Glad I found these figures on 1001modelkits. Not only were these pieces a great addition to my build, they were very inexpensive too. Thanks 1001!

By Steve T. on 23 Sept. 2019 :
Product rated : Apollo 11 "Saturn V" Rocket

Mr Steve Taylor

Received my model in excellent condition. It was well packaged and arrived in what I would consider record time, 3 days which includes 1 day in customs. It traveled from France to Los Angeles, California, USA.

By Steve S. on 20 Sept. 2019 :
Product rated : Airbus A300/310 PW4000 engines x 2

Very Under-Scale

Looks correct, but much too small compared to the Revell 1/144 a310 PW4000 kit engine.

By James M. on 19 Sept. 2019 :
Product rated : Decals Luftwaffe/German Swastikas for Messerschmitt Bf 109, Focke-Wulf Fw 190, Junkers Ju 87 and Messerschmitt Me 262 in 1:144,


really good - a wide range of scales makes this set brilliant fro so many projects - recommend this to any WW2 modeller.

By Barlas N A. on 19 Sept. 2019 :
Product rated : 2.4G Antenna 3 PM/3GR/6EX/7C/TM7/TM14

Received As Described.

I received the item today and it is exactly the same part I purchased. I will be using it on my Futaba 7C. Unfortunately the antennas of the transmitters are very vulnerable and they are truly hard to find on the market so thank you 1001 Hobbies.

By curt M. on 16 Sept. 2019 :
Product rated : Zimmerit JagdTiger


very happy with my purchase, arrived quickly,

By Elliot C. on 10 Sept. 2019 :
Product rated : Decals Israeli Air Force Avia S-199 Supermarine Spitfire and North American P-51D Mustang A choice of 39 aircraft including the

Nice Decal Set

Decals for these aircraft are not easy to come by. This set appears to be of good quality and come along with a booklet of different squadron information, including numbers and paint schemes.
Very helpful.
International shipping was slowish but they got here before they were needed

By Sylvain R. on 01 Sept. 2019 :
Product rated : Decals US logotypes for propeller (Part II)

US logotypes

Great service , excellent .

By Ruth M. on 01 Sept. 2019 :
Product rated : Horch 108 & 20mm Flak 30

Exactly what I ordered


By David P. on 01 Sept. 2019 :
Product rated : USS KIDD DDG-993 5

Ship model USS Kidd

They charged 84.00 for this model. Available online Amazon and others for less then 10 dollars.

By William G. on 14 Aug. 2019 :
Product rated : Decals Vought F4U-1A (2) White 29 VF-17 two Corsairs both flown by Lt Ira KepFord

Wrong decals sent to me

I ordered two separate occasions from this company. The first order never showed up. The second order for the same 1/48 scale decals I paid a 20.00 extra fee to expedite my order. Still it took 3 weeks to receive my decals and wouldn’t you know instead of 1/48 scale I got 1/72 scale. Amazing it only took 1.50 to send the all the way back to Paris wouldn’t do business with them again

By TONY R. on 08 Aug. 2019 :
Product rated : M-50 Myasishchev ′Bounder′


good service and fast delivery

By Richard E. on 06 Aug. 2019 :
Product rated : Northrop Tacit Blue

Tacit Blue Czech Failure

Third time trying... Have been cut off twice now. Worst plastic model ever. Just removing parts from plastic stems sometimes needed small saw leaving connecting parts not fixable with out sanding and scraping. Have constructed many aircraft and ship models this is the worst. Having waited for weeks for delivery what a disappointmenr. The Testors polystyrene ABS cement i usually use will not hold. I would trash the thing but I have a history with the aircraft having been with it since inception. Is there a cement that would work better. I would like very much to save this project.

By Ruth M. on 25 July 2019 :
Product rated : Opel Blitz



By Wesley S. on 22 July 2019 :
Product rated : Albion AM463 3-Point Refueller NEW TOOLDue Apr 2015

Solid period model w/some flash and seam line issues

I built one for a diorama w/Tamiya Spitfire. Well detailed truck model with a very nice undercarriage but with some manufacturing issues mostly due to seams on smaller parts being off by a mm or so. Also some of the smaller parts broke easily. That looks great when weathered and in a diorama...I know this is a niche product but props to Airfix for making one.

By Robin F. on 18 July 2019 :
Product rated : Honda S2000.

High precision and tolerances.

Well designed and detailed. Detailed the model to match my 06 S2000, now supercharged, 425 HP.

By Alan Y. on 18 July 2019 :
Product rated : Decals de Havilland Comet 4B BEA Airtours G-APMC/F/M/JK/JL/JN

Decals for de Havilland Comet 4B model kit

I was very pleased with the set of decals I received from 1001 Hobbies. They were well packaged and in excellent condition. I was able to apply them to my model and achieve the desired look and effect wished for. Good service. I just had to be patient for the mail to arrive in the US from France.
Thank you 1001 Hobbies.

By William H. on 16 July 2019 :
Product rated : H307 Grey FS36320 matt

Rare paint has been found!

Living in a small town in the US, the internet is the way to go. I looked all over for this product and only found it here. Eco shipping took a little time but the wait was worth it all (shipped from U.K.). I reached out to the staff and they were willing to replace if it took to long/seemed lost. Right when I was going to reach out for a replacement the item arrived. Again worth the wait and great staff to help. Thank you 1001 for your service. I will def recommend to anyone in need.


By Scott H. on 10 July 2019 :
Product rated : Decals Luftwaffe/German Swastikas for Messerschmitt Bf 109, Focke-Wulf Fw 190, Junkers Ju 87 and Messerschmitt Me 262 in 1:144,

High quality, useful decals

I bought these decals for use on 1/144 models that came without the signature Nazi tail mark. They are well made and apply easily. Highly recommended! 1001 model shipping and transaction was top notch for shipping to Japan.

By Charlie F. on 02 July 2019 :
Product rated : Lord of the Rings Replica The King Elessar Crown


Authentic, fast shipping. Absolutely beautiful thank you

By William P. on 27 June 2019 :
Product rated : Southwest Boeing 737-700

Great livery and high quality

I’m a big fan of Southwest Airlines, and love their original “Desert Gold” livery, but it is very hard to find. This diecast piece is high quality and the price is very reasonable. I definitely recommend it!

By Robert H. on 10 June 2019 :
Product rated : Curtiss P-40E Warhawk undercarriage set (designed to be assembled with model kits from Hasegawa)

Mr Holt

The undercarriage set works perfectly on the 1/48 scale Hasegawa P-40E, the 1/48 scale Airfix P-40B, the 1/48 scale Academy P-36A Hawk and the1/48 scale Hobby Craft P-36A/C. The wheel compartment fits perfectly in the wings and makes a definite improvement. The parts from 1001 Model Kits arrived quickly and the packaging was very good.

By David H. on 26 May 2019 :
Product rated : F-84G Thunderjet Thunderbird 1953 show season

Another Jewel from HM

This is an outstanding model of an interesting and perhaps little-known type. In true HM style, the seams, overall details and markings are excellent, including the auxiliary intake doors, intake splitter and pitot tube, in-wing refueling system and reinforced canopy which were unique to the F-84G model. You can't beat their quality, even in this older Skymax offering.

The 1953 Thunderbirds markings are correct, with the added bonus of representing the aircraft flown by then-CAPT Jack Broughton, who would command the Thunderbirds and later an F-106 squadron in North Dakota, as well as serve as Vice Commander of the famous 355th FW in Thailand during the Vietnam War. Broughton's experiences were made famous in his book Thud Ridge. I'm a very satisfied customer.

By Bernard M. on 29 Apr. 2019 :
Product rated : Handley-Page Harrow Mk.II BASIC (designed to be used with Valom kits)

Review of accessory item

More than met my expectation in quality and detail

By Deron W. on 23 Apr. 2019 :
By Deron W. on 23 Apr. 2019 :
By Deron W. on 23 Apr. 2019 :
Product rated : 1/144 F14D Tomcat Fighter (New Variant) (JAN)

love it

i can't wait to put this aircraft together.

By Deron W. on 22 Apr. 2019 :
Product rated : F-15C MSIP II

love it

love it

By Rodney B. on 12 Apr. 2019 :
Product rated : General Dynamics F-111D/E Aardvark

Just what I ordered.

Still working on it, but it's a great model kit. Brings back memories when I was a crew chief on the aircraft. Can't wait to get it finished and on display.

By Scott J. on 11 Apr. 2019 :
Product rated : Kawasaki Ki-45 Toryu/Nick (designed to be assembled with model kits from Hasegawa)


I was happy to find this PE set, as it is now out of production. The price with shipping was good. However, it arrived damaged. It was poorly packed, having been placed in a letter envelope with no cardboard to stiffen and protect the PE sheet. It is now creased thru the middle, damaging the flaps, plus some other pieces needed for the cockpit. trying to find a way to directly contact the company was fruitless, with any link saying customer service taking me back to the listing.... so, I will keep the set, salvage what I can, but I will never buy from this company again.

By Jason F. on 26 March 2019 :
Product rated : Center chassis plate - ep blizzard


Extremely hard part to find, but 1001 had it in stock and shipped it right away. Was here very fast even though it was across the world! Thank you and great work!