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Action figure games: extensions and miniature boxes (to be assembled and painted)
Scale : 28mm - 1:56
Box size : 22 x 15 x 3cm

Everyone celebrates the glory of Adeptus Custodes. In the early days of the Imperium, he fought alongside the Emperor in person, and offered a grandiose spectacle worthy of the majesty of the Master of Humanity. In the same way that the arms and armor of the Adeptus Custodes always translate this martial glory, he wears his vexillas, or standards of war, by his most valiant veterans. The companies-ramparts rarely fight without vexilla to their head.

This plastic kit contains the necessary components to assemble a Vexilus Praetor in armor Terminator Allarus. He wears an Armor Terminator Allarus, a masterpiece covered with carved Emperor symbols, with imperial eagles, lightning bolts, gems and watermarks galore. The Vexilus Praetor's standard armament is a Balistus hand-grenade launcher and a mercy, but instead of a guardian's spear or a castellan's ax, he brandishes a large ornamented vexilla. This emblem is almost twice as large as the Praetor itself (without the plumet), and it inspires bravery, with its enormous two-headed eagle adorned with gems, spikes and cords. The Praetor can be assembled with or without helm.

In addition to the Vexilus Praetor, the kit allows to mount 2 Allarus Custodians, or 1 Allarus Custodian and a Shield-Captain. Allars Custodians may be armed with guardian spears or Castellan axes and Balistus grenade launcher as well as mercy. The Shield-Captain has shoulder pads, leggings, a plumet and a mercy of its own.

This kit comes in 73 components, plus three 40mm Citadel round bases.

Type of product : Model figures
The figurines are sold in boxes with several figures:
- in the 1:72 scale, the boxes usually contain 40-50 figurine soldiers, or 15 cavalry figurines
- in the 1:32 or 1:35 scale, the boxes contain 10-15 figurines of soldiers, or 5 to 10 cavalry .

To learn more about size and scale, click here.

Reference : 99120108011
Other tags : 99120108011 - 99121811 - 99121811
22.50 cm
3.60 cm
15.20 cm
0.25 kg
22 x 15 x 3cm
Action figure games: extensions and miniature boxes (to be assembled and painted)
Data sheet
Type of product
Action figure games: extensions and miniature boxes
28mm - 1:56
to be assembled and painted
Warhammer 40000
Imperial Forces

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