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Figure games (to be assembled and painted)
Scale : 28mm - 1:56
Box size : 44 x 30 x 6cm

Please note that Rogue Trader is an extension for Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team, which requires a copy of the Basic Rules. They are found in the basic manual under soft cover sold separately, and also among the plethoric content of the basic box Kill Team, both are available on

Because of the weight of this product, your order will benefit from the fast port free of charge. Simply choose Standard Delivery at the time of payment and we'll do the rest.

Rogue Trader Elucia Vhane and her Starstriders seek to colonize new worlds on behalf of the most powerful ruler of the Imperium. Their quest is to travel far away from the contamination of Chaos that threatens to engulf Humanity. Alas, there is no escape, because the tendrils of corruption have followed them beyond the limits of the Imperium. Will the Rogue Trader and the team of deadly specialists she formed win the massive Vulgrar the Three-time Cursed and its contagious band of mutant followers? Will the pinnacle of human talent rise to the disgusting gifts of the Dark Gods?

Kill Team: Rogue Trader is an extension for Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team, the dynamic miniatures game where confronted by small numbers of elite specialists in skirmishes without mercy. This box adds 2 new factions, new environments, plus new missions and rules, to allow you to recreate desperate clashes across the boundaries of known space. The box contains all of this:

Kill Team: Rogue Trader

56-page book with the history and rules of the Elucidian Starstriders and Gellerpox Infected - plus advanced rules unpublished for all factions of Kill Team - Rogue Trader contains:


- Furrow the Void: a presentation of Rogue Traders - warriors, explorers, leaders and merchants haves a Sacred Commercial Concession, a letter of marque that allows them to trade and war outside the confines of the Imperium;
- Growing Malaise: the sneaky threat of Chaos keeps growing - this section explains the dangers of mutation, and the fear it instills in the Imperium;
- Reaching Paradise: a description of the call that Roboute Guilliman personally addressed to hundreds of Rogue Traders, in order to exhort them to find new worlds untouched by contagion. These include Elucia Vhane and her crew aboard the New Dawn, their discovery of new worlds to colonize for the Imperium, and the unintentional contamination of these worlds with Geller's smallpox;
- An annotated map of the Truehawk, Elucia Vhane's shuttle, and a map of the Ministorum Temple, site of the final terrible battle against Vulgrar the Three-time Cursed; These cards describe the included board.

- Confined Space: rules of battle in cramped corridors of spaceships, confined spaces of hives, and wherever impose ferocious wrestling for lack of space. This includes rules of movement, visibility despite walls, opening and closing doors, plus 2 Tactics to use aboard the Truehawk or the Ministorum Temple.
- Killzone: The Truehawk: a map Annotated showing how to set up skirmishes on the board depicting the shuttle, with a chart of 6 special environmental rules;
- Killzone: Ministorium Temple: an annotated map showing how to set up skirmishes on the board representing the dusty temple, with a table of 6 special rules of the environment;
- Commanders: Great heroes sometimes manage kill teams, including senior officers or even the lord of an entire army - this section contains special rules for directing a kill team by a Commander, with appropriate Tactics and Traits;
- The rules for playing the figurines included: their data sheets, Traits d Commander, Improvements and Tactics for Elucia Vhane and Vulgrar the Three-time Cursed, 6 Tactics for each kill team, the profiles of all their weapons of fire and melee, and the values ​​in points for the whole; /> - Specific specialists for the kill teams included: Specialist Strategist (for the Elucidian Starstriders) and Force Specialist (for the Gellerpox Infected);
- 4 Narrative Game missions and 4 Equal Game missions around the clash between these 2 kill teams, plus ideas for inventing your own free game missions (and 3 missions already provided to get you started)
- Advanced Rules: this section deals with a historical campaign using the content of the game. box, and shows you how to combine the Ministorum Temple with another Kill Team tray to get a bigger Killzone.

Codex: Elucidian Starstriders

This 24-page booklet contains :

- History and details about the o Rig Rogue Traders, and escorts they surround themselves to venture into the void;
- A profile for each unit of the box, including general information;
- 5 data sheets , 8 Unique Stratagems, 2 Abilities, a Warlord trait and Equal Game Point values ​​so you can line up the figurines included in your Warhammer 40,000 games;
- A gallery of painted figurines and battles staged in scenery.

Codex: Gellerpox Infected

This 24-page booklet contains:

- History and details on the Gellerpox Infected and the demonic disease that corrupts them to their flesh;
- A profile for each unit of the box, including general information;
- 7 data sheets, 8 unique Stratagems, 2 Aptitudes, a Warlord trait and values ​​in Equal Game Points so you can line up the figurines included its in your parts of Warhammer 40,000;
- A gallery of painted figurines and battles staged in scenery.

Also provided, the 16 pages of the Warhammer 40,000 Basic Rules which explain everything about how to play Warhammer 40,000. Movement, shooting, psychic powers, charge, combat and morale tests, all the framework to play is described.


33 Citadel figurines in the form of a plastic kit are included :

Elucidian Starstriders

The following 10 figures are molded in red plastic:

- Elucia Vhane, Rogue Trader, resplendent in her costume and with his feather hat is equipped with a family pistol and a mono-molecular rapier rod
- Sanistasia Minst, Rejuvenat Adept, is equipped with a laser pistol and his scalpel claw;
- Knosso Prond, Death Cult Executioner, is equipped with a Death Cult energetic blade and holds a broken enemy's head;
- Larsen van der Grauss, a Lectro-Maester tech-priest with a voltaic pistol;
- The Nitsch squad: 5 Voidsmen - Nitsch, Riguez, Shalkus, Theolus and Grell - with firefighter's shotgun, laser rifle, laser pistol and revolving gun, and accompanied by Ax imillion, their faithful canine.

Gellerpox Infected

The following 23 figures are molded in green plastic:

- Vulgrar the Three-time Cursed, a multi-armed monster with a ventral flamethrower and slashing claws;
- 3 Nightmare Hulks - Gnasher-Screamer, Big Spike and The Writher - afflicted with hideous mutations, one of them has a huge chopper plague;
- 4 Sludge-Grubs, small crawling larvae attacking with their fangs, stings, and acid spittle; - 4 Cursemites, insectoid horoscopes to blood-sucking proboscis;
- 4 Glitchlings, miniature Nurgle demons with infected claws and fangs; - 4 Eyestinger Swams, mutant vermin with procreative darts;
- 3 Vox-Shamblers - Grummax, Puglox and the Herg - who attack with their mutated members and improvised weapons.

Décor < br />
An assortment of plastic decor is provided:

- 10 bulkhead doors;
- 4 chests sporting the arms of Elucia Vhane;
- 2 sections of pipes;
- 4 control consoles;
- 4 life capsules;
- 2 seats.

In addition, you will find a double game board printed side with Truehawk interior on one side and Ministorum temple on the other. It measures 22 "x30", the same size as the Kill Team board - which allows them to be juxtaposed to form a large playing area capable of hosting 4-player games! There are also 2 pre-cut cardboard boards representing various states during the game - 1 for the Starstriders and 1 for the Infected.

Type of product : Model figures
The figurines are sold in boxes with several figures:
- in the 1:72 scale, the boxes usually contain 40-50 figurine soldiers, or 15 cavalry figurines
- in the 1:32 or 1:35 scale, the boxes contain 10-15 figurines of soldiers, or 5 to 10 cavalry .

To learn more about size and scale, click here.

Reference : 1010699014
Other tags : 1010699014 - 1169914 - 1169914
Length (mm) : 2
44 cm
6.30 cm
30 cm
2.18 kg
44 x 30 x 6cm
Figure games (to be assembled and painted)
Data sheet
Type of product
Figure games
28mm - 1:56
to be assembled and painted
Warhammer 40000
WH40K Generic

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