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RC : drone - quadricopter ( RTF -Already assembled and equipped)
Power source electric
Remote control included
Camera fpv
Box size : 54 x 33 x 15cm

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Check out Aton, your personal video assistant Aton is your personal video assistant, when you're ready to play. of a sporty GoPro-type camera (not included) it is indeed capable of capturing beautiful aegean images with ease & oacute; and distraction without any qualification or confirmed experience being required. The Aton is a sporty and intelligent quadricopt able to fly almost autonomously with an automatic and intuitive directional control and directional control. All you have to do is direct Aton to the subject & gt; filming and he will be l & rsquo;objective in the sky that will capture the moments and the interesting points of view. Press a button and Aton will quickly return to his drop-off location to land automatically. Three Modes, a mode for each of your expectations Photographing, stealing or performing aerobatics, Aton has a mode that will suit you. Movie Mode Aton excels in live shooting whether in video recording or photography. In this mode, it will be easy; pilot and & rd; control without practically any effort on your part. No prior experience with the flight or radio control is required. - Easy & agrave;use. No piloting experience is required. - Capture great photos or videos with your GoPro or other similar camera (not included). - No complicated installation and no calibration of compass. r é achieve. - Designed to minimize noise and operate quietly. - Decrease and return & agrave; the automatic house. Sport Mode If you want to learn & agrave; to fly and reach a higher level of control, the Sport mode locks the throttle control to gain access. faster flight, more athletic. The 6-axis gyroscope from Aton will allow you to learn and learn more.explore easily while ensuring safety & oacute; thanks to the functions of the group & laquo; Air Brake & raquo; and the & laquo; Return & agrave; the house & raquo; Tap the other box to make flips and thus become an experienced pilot. - Sports flight for more fun. - Learn & agrave; fly with more control the let & oacute; to the pilot. - Press a button to make flips and thus proceed; an acrobatic flight. - Increased speed to shoot moving subjects. - Stabilize the machine & agrave; any time by pressing the g & acre; chette & laquo; Air Brake & raquo;, the machine will go instant & oacute;hovering. Model Expert The Expert Mode is intended to the most experienced pilots who really like to fly. This mode locks all abilities of Aton to make it even more powerful. He will be in it for the acrobatic flight but always keeping the safety and security o ... thanks to the functions & laquo; Air Brake & raquo; and & laquo; Return & agrave; the house & raquo; The & laquo function Air Brake & raquo; Once activated, it completely stops Aton, keeps it in hover, giving you time to catch your breath and plan your next flight.- Speed ​​and ultimate performance for expert pilots. - Function & laquo; Air Brake & raquo; activatable one button to stop, stabilize and hover the Aton. - Powerful brushless motors for particularly muscular acrobatic flights. - Customize the configuration and flight settings with the application & laquo; Traxxas Link & raquo ;. DOUBLE GPS MODE The 'Aton uses a sophisticated dual GPS mode & oacute; to allow it to be able to return home, to achieve a hover and to adjust its altitude and radius limits. RETURN TO HOME The flight characteristics of l & rsquo;Aton allow you to focus only on the video recording of your subject. At the press of a button, Aton will return to his place of departure to land autonomously and safely. Aton also triggers the function & laquo; Return & agrave; the house & raquo; when his battery is unloaded or is flying beyond; a point of no return (not enough battery to complete the return trip). FLIPS AND TONNE In Sport Mode, Aton takes you for a pro gram with flips and barrels programmed and unleashed when you press a button. AIR BRAKES In Sport or Expert modes,the function & laquo; Air Brakes & raquo; Stop Aton and hover him for you to give him an opportunity. to catch your breath and plan your next action. CAPTURE OF AMAZING IMAGES Light and sturdy, Aton has performances that will allow you to capture moving subjects in Film and Sport modes. GREAT VISIBILITY The colorful and bright bubble combined with high intensity LEDs. allow & agrave; Aton must be seen distinctly during the day or at night. ATON STATUS BAR The Aton bar uses 4 LEDs to inform you that all systems are ready for use.ts for deception. The understanding of this bar is at first glance, you will not need to know complicated instructions to understand its meaning. TWO-AXLE NACELLE The 2-axis nacelle provides stabilization on pitch and roll (& pitch & raquo; and & laquo; roll & raquo;) to allow & agrave; your camera to capture a quality video. The carrycot is supplied with a bracket for GoPro series 3 and 4 cameras. The 2-axis nacelle (reference: TRX7970) is marketed on a per-trip basis. The 2-axis platform is supplied with Aton Plus (r f f f f ute ute ute (().Reference: TRX7909). BATTERY TECHNOLOGY ID Exclusive! Traxxas iD batteries are compatible with the range of chargers easy & agrave; use EZ-Peak. With the Traxxas iD battery, connect it to the charger and start charging. Charge your battery until you reach the end of your battery 8 amps and divide your charging time by two. Traxxas EZ-Peak Plus charger (stock: TRX2972G) sold separately. TRAXXAS FLIGHT LINK The application & laquo; Flight Link & raquo; allows you to use your smartphone to configure Aton flight settings such as altitude or radius limit, exponentials, and more. The bets; day & agrave; to come will relate to an FPV mode and the controlthe 3-axis nacelle via the application. SUPPORTING APPLICATION Aton is equipped with the ... APPL APPL ip ip A A A A A A A A APPL APPL APPL APPL Open Source software compatible with certain applications like Mission Planner ( to allow you to observe your flights on satellite maps. VISUALIZATION OF VIRTUAL MISSIONS Aton's flight recordings can be converted and opened in & laquo; Google Earth & raquo; in order to create a virtual view in 3D & gt; the first person on your flights. 3 AXIS NACELLE WITH FPV (available early 2016) Aton can be equipped a brand new 3-axle pod to improve stability. vidà © o with possibilit & oacute;FPV framing. This 3-axis platform can be controlled by your smartphone with the application & laquo; Traxxas Flight Link & raquo ;. PERSONASALITION TRAXXAS Customize your Aton with a wide range of accessories available: bubbles, heats, lenses, fin to make it a unique model that is a combination of your colors. GPS Protégé g & oacute; The GPS system is smartly integated. in a hoop to protect it from radio interference and to put it in place; the shelter of the physical damages. Barre & ldquo; tat & rdquo; LEDs 4 clearly visible LEDs indicate power up, satellite connection, registration of the location of the D & Deacute; collage for the function & laquo; Return & agrave; home & raquo ;, and the overall condition of the system. Compartment fully closed battery The battery of the Aton is arranged and protected in a housing bay. and closed. Brushless motors These powerful and efficient brushless motors & agrave; high efficiency allow & agrave; Aton has the horses needed for any mission. Robust Design With decades of experience, the world's fastest engineers have designed Aton's composite design and materials.eacute; sistants. All stored parts are available to ensure Aton to fly during the years & rdquo; come. High visibility LED lighting & oacute; Aton lights up brightly in the sky with its powerful LEDs and brilliant colors that will help you get the most out of it. locate it and & rdquo; keep it in the direction you want. Total diameter: 580mm Diameter rotor: 210mm Distance between each rotor (diagonal): 370mm Distance between each rotor (horizontal): 262mm Width: 472mm Total height: 94mm Total height with landing gear: 124mm Total weight in order flight (with battery): 860g Flying system: 6-axis gyroscope Radio system: Multi-mode 6-way 2.4Ghz Structure / Material: Mold & oacute; Composite Battery Type: Lithium Polymer 3S (LiPo) Battery Voltage: 11.1V D & D RateBattery charge: 20C Charging current of the charger: 3.0A Motor type: Brushless outrunner without sensor Level of skill: 1 Manufacturer: TRAXXAS Propulsion: Electric Number of rotor: 4 Motorization: Brushless outrunner Rotor Diameter: 210mm Color: Black; Red Required Level: Intermediate Kit Type: RTF Speed: 80 Km / h Material: Composite Molded Gyroscope: 6-Axis Gyroscope Bluetooth Module: Yes Telemetry: Yes Battery: LIPO 11,1V 3000mAh iD ref TRX2830X Charger: 220V included Dimensions (L x W x H): 472 x 472 x 94 mm Weight: 640 g Radio Control: Multi-mode 6-way 2.4GHz Link & nbsp;4 Motorization: Brushless outrunner Rotor diameter: 210mm Color: Black; Red Required level: Intermediate Kit type: RTF Speed: 80 Km / h Material: Composite molded Gyroscope: 6-axis gyroscope Bluetooth module: Yes Telemetry: Yes Battery: LIPO 11, 1V 3000mAh iD ref TRX2830X Charger: 220V included Dimensions (L x W x H): 472 x 472 x 94 mm Weight: 640 g Radio Control: Multi-mode 6-way 2.4GHz Link & nbsp;4 Motorization: Brushless outrunner Rotor diameter: 210mm Color: Black; Red Required level: Intermediate Kit type: RTF Speed: 80 Km / h Material: Composite molded Gyroscope: 6-axis gyroscope Bluetooth module: Yes Telemetry: Yes Battery: LIPO 11, 1V 3000mAh iD ref TRX2830X Charger: 220V included Dimensions (L x W x H): 472 x 472 x 94 mm Weight: 640 g Radio Control: Multi-mode 6-way 2.4GHz Link & nbsp;

Reference : 7908
Other tags : TRX7908 - TRX798 - 798


Reference: TRX7908
Box size 54 x 33 x 15cm
Type of productRC : drone - quadricopter
AssemblyAlready assembled and equipped
On sale-5%
Length (cm)58
Power sourceElectric
Warranty1 year
Remote controlIncluded


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