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If you have not received the entirety of your order, it is possible that an item has been cancelled because it was no longer available. This allows us to avoid delaying the entire shipment, especially for small products / accessories.<br> In the case of this type of cancellation, a voucher is generated for the amount of the cancelled item. You can access your vouchers and reduction codes through: <a href= target=_blank>my account</a> <br> <br> If you have recieved a damaged, defective or incomplete product, please send us an email explaining the issue with some photos to the following address: <br> Don't forget to indicated your order number as well as the item's reference in your email.

In certain cases, it is possible for us to modify your order, if it has not yet been dispatched. For example, we may be able to swap an item ordered for another one, or delay shipping if you have a prolonged absence. In these cases, please give us as much information as possible, to allow us to rapidly make the required changes, if possible.

Before submitting your query, please read the information below carefully, and verify that the information you are looking for is not available on the site:-The schedules indicated on the site correspond to the average dispatch time from our depot in France. The total delivery time depends on the chosen delivery service and it is therefore impossible for us to indicate on the product pages. - The dispatch schedule and the delivery time are both listed in working days, and correspond to average schedules. They are given as an indication and can vary, particularly during holiday periods. -We do our utmost to ensure the rapid dispatch of orders, but we are dependent on our suppliers for some products. - If your order has been sent, and you have chosen a tracked delivery, you can normally access it by looking at your order history. To access this, please go to: order history. -If no links or tracking numbers have been sent to you, either there is no tracking available for the shipping method chosen, or you will receive it shortly.

Payments: We accept the following payment methods: PayPal, bank card, bank transfer and cheque. Please note that your order is not validated until we receive payment, and that there will therefore be a delay if paying by bank transfer or cheque. It is therefore possible that some products may become unavailable when your payment is received.Prices and shipment: - Shipping charges are indicated on the product page, below the price. - In the case of an order for several products, the shipping charges will be calculated on weight and total volume of the order. - The prices shown include tax; however if you connect with an account that is outside of the EU, the prices displayed will be without tax. This adjustment by area will also affect the calculation of shipping costs.

Before submitting your query, please read the information below carefully, and verify that the information you are looking for is not available on the site:When you use the search tool on the site, please double check your spelling. If the search returns no results, try adding or removing spaces and/or hyphens (-) or doing a more simplified search. For example: M 4 sherman: 3 results M4 sherman: 368 resultsIf a product is unavailable, you can enter your email address on the page to be automatically notified of its availability. Unfortunately, we have no precise information of restocking times. The timescales indicated are estimations.

To resolve technical problems, we recommend following these steps, one by one, and trying after each to verify if the problem has been resolved:1) Clear the cache of your internet browser 2) Try accessing the site from a different internet browser (Firefox, Google Chrome) 3) Restart your computer 4) Try accessing the site from a different computer 5) Restart your router 6) Try accessing the site from a different network (public WiFi, work network etc) 7) Wait a few hours and then try againIf the problem persists after trying all of these steps, please contact us, giving us as much information as possible.