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Catégorie : Plastic airplane models
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Plastic airplane models

Plastic airplane models There are 14363 products.

  • Our selection of aircraft modelkits
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  • Aircrafts on sale

    Do you like good deals? Do you like airplanes? Here is our selection of model airplane kits that are on sale. You're in exactly the right place if you're looking to build a model airplane.

  • 1:72 aircraft model kits

    The 1/72 scale is the main scale for airplane model kits. It allows you to build large, quadri-motor airplanes, as well as more detailed small planes. There are numerous 1/72 scale airplane model kits: fighters, bombers and seaplanes. The latest 1/72 scales are present, as well as older and rarer models.

  • 1:48 aircraft model kits

    For some years now, the 1/48 resin aircraft kit is the common choice for airplane model kits. This will allow you to build a very detailed model and build up a collection.1/48 scale Second World War model fighter plane kits are approximately 20cm long, allowing them to be stored on a shelf. If you like challenges, you could also try building a model flying fortress kit!

  • 1:32 scale model aircraft kits

    1/32 scale model aircraft kits are bigger than 1/48 scale and 1/72 scale. As an example, a model of a Spitfire will measure 29 cm in length in 1/32 scale. This allows very detailed models to be built. A large choice of model fighter planes are available in 1/32 scale. You will be able to have lots of fun building, painting and decorating them.

  • Plastic model helicopters

    These are the plastic model helicopters at civil or military helicopters, combat or transport helicopters, without forgetting the autogyros, ancestors of the helicopter that we know today. Model helicopter kits are made of plastic and should be assembled with glue. Several scales are available: 1/72, 1/48 or 1/32.

  • For aviation enthusiasts

    Here you will find a large choice of products derived from the aviation theme: pins, ensignes and flags. We also sell toys, cuddly toys and other items for your loved ones.

  • Model airplane decals

    1001modelkits will spoil you with a huge choice of model airplane decals. You will find all the decals for decorating your models in the colours of the large airlines or main armies throughout the world, such as RAF and Luftwaffe decals, for example). To apply the decals, you can use Decal Fix by Humbrol (reference HUC6133). The decal sheets are thin and can be sent by letter: delivery costs will be reduced!

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