BMK is a brand that offers the following types of products : Accessories, , , .

The best sellers of this manufacturer at 1001Hobbies are : USN 16/45 940,6cm/45) (x9) and 5/38 (x 20) (12,7cm/38) for North Carolina/South Dakota Classes (Version 2) [AB350US], FN 152 mm/55 Model 1930 (x9) for Richelieu (BMK 09350FN152), 24 x FN 130 mm/45 Models 1932 and 1935 (BMK 01700FN130) and Royal Navy 5.25 Barrels for HMS King George V Class (x16) (BMK 16400RN133) (designed to be used with Heller kits) .

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