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  • Cardboard model kits
    1001hobbies is the biggest model building shop of Europe! To create your model kits, you will need some tools: model glue, a cutter (or some cutting pliers). Afterwards, if you wish, you can paint your model using a paintbrush and paint. Filters allow you to choose from a large choice of scale models: this will make it easy for you to find science fiction models (like Star Wars, Star Trek). You will also be able to filter by scale (a 1/72 scale model, for example). Scales show the size of the model: a 1/48 scale model is 48 times smaller than the original. Model building is a fascinating hobby that will help develop your creativity, patience and interest in history.
  • Metal model kits
    In this category you will find : models of buildings, airplane model kit, model car kit and models of spacecrafts - rockets, shuttles, etc. to be assembled and painted.

    The main brands we offer are : Metal Earth, 3D Comics Metal.

    The best sellers in the category are : metalearth architecture: gold kinkaku-ji 8.9x6x6.5cm, metal 3d model with 3 sheets, on card 12x17cm, 14+, metalearth aviation: wright flyer 9.91x5.05x2.08cm, metal 3d model with 1 sheet, on card 12x17cm, 14+, metalearth architecture: empire state building 9.91x2.97x3.17cm, metal 3d model with 1 sheet, on card 12x17cm, 14+ and metalearth aviation: bombardier lancaster 13.08x8.72x2.58cm, metal 3d model with 1 sheet, on card 12x17cm, 14+.

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    Showing 1 - 96 of 528 items
    Showing 1 - 96 of 528 items