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RC Planes 

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  • Our selection of RC airplanes
    1001hobbies is the biggest online model building shop! For the enthusiastic model builders there is a large choice of cars, airplanes, trucks or boats to get you started. Bodywork and chassis are available and allow you to create the vehicle of your dreams. There are also accessories and spare parts to improve and personalise your models. There are more than 7000 references waiting for you in our RC category! The main brands available are: Tamiya, T2M, Carson, TM and many more! What is model building? A scale model is a reproduction of something real in a reduced size. Airplanes, cars, helicopters and boats; there are numerous types of products. Model building is a pastime and activity that will entertain you endlessly. Model building requires the constant development of certain skills such as the knowledge and capacity to make analyses in order to make the most of your pastime. What does RC mean? RC are the initials for radio-controlled. Within the world of model building all the models are controlled from a distance, thanks to a radio (wireless transmitter and receiver) and are called radio-controlled models. Do not confuse this product with a scale model, this is a typical beginners' mistake. Simply adding batteries in order to play with it, will not be sufficient. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the machine, in order to understand how it works. Certain models require a specific type of assembly, allowing you to test the model’s different settings.
  • RC Glider
    RC Glider - you will find here a great selection of products and accessories dedicated to your hobby
  • Nitro RC Airplane
    Find in this category all the nitro aircraft RC of the biggest brands!
  • Electric RC Plane
    Find in this category all aircraft electric radio controlled models. You will find a wide selection of quality products and the many accessories that are dedicated to them. Many accessories for model aircraft are available on our hobby shop. Do not hesitate and come and discover our selection of major brands.
  • RC Aircraft beginner
    Discover our selection of radio controlled airplanes for beginners! No need to be an expert to have some fun. Discover the indoor models but also models suitable for outdoor use. Novices will be able to have fun thanks to the wide range of RC aircraft we offer. Many hobby accessories are also available. Ideal in case of breakage or if you want to change its model.
    Showing 1 - 96 of 722 items
    Showing 1 - 96 of 722 items