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Aircraft of the Aces n°52 - Sopwith Camel Aces of Osprey Aircraft book 65341

  • Era : World War I - 1914-1918
  • Type of product : Books on airplanes
  • Model : Sopwith Camel
  • Country : United Kingdom
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Manufacturer : Osprey

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Aircraft of the Aces n°52 - Sopwith Camel Aces of Responsible for destroying 1294 enemy aircraft Between June 1917 and November 1918, the Camel was the MOST successful fighting scout employed by Either side in terms of the sheer number of victories That It refunded. The Camel was renowned for icts sensitivity and need for skill and experience, and casualties Amongst piles Undergoing training on the types were very high. More than 5490 examples Were constructed, and this book covers icts fight wears on the Western Front, in Palestine, on the Italian front in the Home Defence role in the UK and in Russia.
Author : Norman Franks
Publisher : Osprey
ISBN : 1-84176-534-1
Language : English
Size : 18.60x24.90cm
Number of pages : 96
Binding : broché
Date of publication : 00/03/2003

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